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Please make yourself comfortable. I hope you'll be having a pleasant experience.

The things I made

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I occasionally do some traditional art, which you can check out here. I made a game called "How Kings Unfold" - it was a two/three-week admission assignment. I also made a couple smaller games: Can A Match Box, Guess That Digit, and lastly, a collection of games, BrainBiscuits.

What is vrugtehagel?

- a detailed explaination of its origin.

It started when I needed (that is, wanted) an account for some website. With an account, I could play multiplayer games! Sooooo cool right, but all nicknames were taken. Even a random object that came to my mind "vruchtenhagel" was taken. "vrugtehagel", you might see, is exactly "vruchtenhagel", but misspelled. The advantage of doing this (I was not aware of this back then, but who cares) is that you can use this name literally everywhere, because noone has taken a silly misspelled name, so from then I started using that. Now I even have a domain name called vrugtehagel. But you might be interested in what "vruchtenhagel" actually is. It's a type of colorful sprinkles ("vruchten" means "fruits", so literally translated it'd be "fruit sprinkles") that wasn't a too special to me at the time but has grown to be meaningful over the years by using it so much. The sprinkles are basically 99.9% sugar and 0.1% color, but they're nice, so why not! To have a look at them, here's the website of my favourite vruchtenhagel-brand: deruijter.nl. I wasn't paid to say this, by the way.

About me

and how to contact me.

I'm an inspired artist and developer, who's passion is to create stuff, whether it's on paper, a program, or just in my head. Some further useless information about me: I have a weakness for material design, I love messing with rubiks-cube related puzzles, I have a very light form of OCD (although I believe everyone has that a little bit, sometimes), I hate listening or reading things that I find completely uninteresting, I love unhealthy food, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Still reading this? You're a true die-hard! Email me at vrugtehagel@gmail.com, you'd be the first to do so!