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I'm not much like a sardine. Sardines mimic each other, while I much prefer to go my own direction. I develop my own ideas and opinions, I don't blindly follow popular trends.



There are a lot of differences between me and a jellyfish. For one, I have a brain. And I'm keeping it active - instead of floating around in one place, I like to see other places and check out what other people've got going.



Unlike pufferfish, I like people! It's amazing what you can create together and what you can learn from others. Feedback is a key part of improvement, whether harsh or not. Oh, and I'm not poisonous. That helps too.

An octopus

This is me.

I'm flexible, can fill multiple roles, and I'm a little weird. In a good way. But enough with the analogies! I'm vrugtehagel, an enthusiastic frontender for over 9 years now. Give me HTML and CSS, and I'm happy; give me Javascript as well and I can accomplish virtually anything. My passion doesn't end there though. I'm a sucker for learning, so I'm also well-versed in SCSS, React, PHP and NodeJS, and I've played around with things like Vue, Python, WebGL, and even some C++ and C#.

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