This is me.

I am vrugtehagel.

Hi! Welcome to my website. Here, all my creations and projects (or, the ones I finished) are linked so you can have a look at them. Little bit about me: I love programming, games, design, art, and mathematics. I live in the Netherlands, and I go by vrugtehagel ever since I was a kid and it's just stuck with me over the years. It's essentially a misspelling of the dutch word for "fruit sprinkles". Pretty silly, huh? Well, so am I, so I think it fits me :)

Creations I made

It only makes sense.

It only makes sense for me to make games. I love all the aspects about it - from art to design to programming - it's only natural that I do this. The main problem I have (and why my portfolio is so tiny) is because I hardly ever finish something. Even some of the games I link here aren't done (although they are 'done enough' to show). I also occasionally make some silly math programs, and my games often also have mathematical influences. Anyhow, enjoy!

I draw too!

Just the traditional pen and paper stuff.

I personally really enjoy drawing, because it's super relaxing. I just doodle away and put more and more lines on the paper. Then when it actually looks nice enough, I scan them and put them on my art website!

Drawings Take me there!

Get in touch!

How to contact me.

If you're looking for someone awesome to build your super amazing website, maybe you want a drawing, or you just want to say hi - you should send me an email at vrugtehagel@gmail.com. For now, that's pretty much the only way you can contact me. Cheers!