Like a suit

Everyone is different. If you want a really nice suit, you wouldn't get one from a regular store. You would get it tailor-made. The same goes for websites. Templates just can't convey who you really are. That's why I create websites by hand, from scratch, giving every little detail as much love as it deserves.

My beliefs

The user experience is my number one focus. Visitors should be able to use sites fluently and without thinking. I specialize in minimalistic, clean approaches to web design in order to create the most clear, intuitive, and satisfying experience possible.


I have over 8 years of experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript, and use them still on a daily basis. Additionally, I use PHP from time to time to handle the server-side scripting. I love learning new things, so I also experiment with other things like WebGL, Java, C++, C# and Python. Currently, I'm broadening my view by adding SASS and React to my arsenal.


<one zero one>


I love webdesign and programming, and sometimes I just really want to share things. The way I do that is by writing a post on my blog called <one zero one>. Have a look!

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